My running progress and broken iPod

A lot of people have been asking me if I’m still on track to finishing my 800 miles by November 26th….. As of 5 days ago I should have hit my 500 mile mark… I’m currently sitting at 402miles!!!!!! Just 98miles off target…

Since my last post my iPod broke when it fell out of my back pocket when I was running 😦 running without just isn’t the same.

Since my last post I have run 237.14 miles. Yes it has been tough, and tiring and my Achilles still isn’t better… But I’m getting there and 98 miles off target isn’t phasing me at all!! Just pushing through!!!

Miles run 402.00
Miles still to run 398miles!!!!

I can do it!!!!


Half way… Not even!!!!

It’s been a month since I last posted and what a CRAZY month it has been!!

Work has been so hectic that I’ve barely had energy to eat dinner before crashing… Which means my running has taken a HUGE hit sadly. I’m also struggling with an Achilles problem but I will solider on!!

The weather has also been pretty humid and gross being in the 90′ s but I’m going to stop with the excuses and get running hard again!!! I have sooo many miles to catch up on!!!

Miles run since last post- 22.64
Total miles run – 164.86miles
Miles still to run -635.14


It’s been a while but I have be getting my miles in!!

I’ve been so busy seeing all of my friends and family whilst being back in England that since the 7th June this is the first time I’ve been able to sit down and write.

I have tried to run every day and I’ve not done too bad. It’s been exciting for me to see and stay with so many of my friends and family and even more exciting that I’ve had the chance to run brand new running trails which has been great for my mile time as I don’t have a clue where I am so I push myself harder because I could almost be near the end.

I have eaten out. A LOT!!! So some of my runs have been tougher than others as I’ve not been eating the healthiest but never the less I have clocked almost 50miles this month and it isn’t over yet!!

Miles run since my last blog – 41.57miles
Total miles run – 142.22miles
Miles still to run -657.78




Yay!! I’ve made it over 100 miles…

So I’ve run a lot this week so this is is me adding runs from June 4, 5 and 7!!!!

It’s nice to be running with different scenery!!

I’m pumped I’ve made it over 100 miles. I had the company of my sister on my run today – she rode along side me on my bike and we had a wonderful catchup!!!

Miles tally…

June 4 – 3.26 miles
June 5- 6.16 miles
June 7 – 2.50miles and 3.44 miles

Total miles run = 100.65 miles
Miles to run = 699.35 miles






Starting my trip to the UK with almost a half marathon…

So it’s been my first full day back in the Uk and I have soo many miles to catch up on and NO excuses right now to not run.
So this morning I went out running and did 3.01miles at 6.30am before breakfast – and came home to the most amazing bacon sandwich!!!! And after spending the day with my family and seeing my Grandad I went for a 7.58mile run.

It was very enjoyable as my parents moved house when I moved to the states so I don’t know the area at all so there’s lots of new things to see and enjoy!!

It’s supposed to pour with rain all day tomorrow but I shall not let that stop me getting at least 3 miles in!!

Miles run today… 10.59miles
Total miles run… 85.29
Miles still to run… 714.71


Very late in posting

This was a run I did back in the 11th may. A lovely 7miler.

With the weather being crazy, work being even crazy and things in general just being hectic I’m very very behind with my miles. But I’m not discouraged by this.
I am going to do this!!!!

I’m going back to England in a week and will run a lot there. 🙂

Miles run 7.12
Total miles run – 74.7
Total still to run – 725.3


Finally perfect running weather… And a few extra miles

I finished a long day at work and as soon as I felt the sun on my face I knew it was perfect weather to push a long run.

I ran a new routes as stopped by to see my friend Danni coaching softball.
I think I may need to buy some opens running shoes soon as these ones have started to give me blisters from wearing on the inside!! A perfect excuse to go shopping!!! 😀

I pushed 8.17 miles which I’m super happy about.

I’m also back to running under 8.20minute miles!!! Yay!!!

Total miles run today 8.17
Some miles from yesterday that I ran at the gym = 3.8
Total miles run = 67.58miles
Total miles still to run =732.42miles



Gym runs…

This morning I got to the gym for 5am and told myself that as boring as treadmill running is I have to push at least 3miles!!!
Sooo…. I DID.

and then I did a big squat session

I had a pretty rough and hectic day at work and although I was exhausted my brain was still super busy… So I took myself back to the gym and repeated the workout I did this morning!!! And I managed to run faster and squat heavier!!! Yay!!!

Miles run today = 6.32 miles
Total miles run = 52.12
Miles still to run = 747.88